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Saturday, April 7

Comic Strips for Learning Spanish

Start Your Day with a Laugh in Spanish

A seasoned speaker knows when to open with a joke. A seasoned Spanish learner knows the same thing. It's a good way to start the day. From a practical perspective, we often remember best when there is some elevated emotional state associated with a situation. Amusement is as good an emotion as any to associate with learning Spanish. Comic strips are especially interesting to us because we tend to identify with the characters and their situations. In trying to figure out the cartoon we can pick up a lot of clues about what the characters might be saying from what we see in the frames. The context helps us to guess at the unfamiliar Spanish words. But we're still not completely sure.

This sets up another effective learning device-the teachable moment. We learn better when our curiosity is aroused. The cartoon images present a puzzle we want to solve. The more we work on the puzzle, the more satisfied we'll be from being able to solve the puzzle and get a laugh out of a Spanish comic strip.

All this was to give you an excuse in case you get snagged reading cartoons.

Learning Spanish for cartoon lovers. My suggestions.

Ronaldinho Gaucho
Dilbert in Spanish
Calvin and Hobbes
Pooch Café

I have not been able to find anyone running the Mafalda strip. Any thoughts?

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learning spanish language said...

The practice is much, except that in the beginning for me. You have to repeat and review the basics and it can be scary with a native, first. Plus a buddy can keep you motivated and less likely to quit.