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Saturday, April 14

Tip 2. Learning Spanish by Talking to Yourself

4 Tips on Learning Spanish Every Day.

Often we would like to speak Spanish but there is nobody readily available to talk to. We can take opportunities to speak Spanish aloud to ourselves while doing our daily tasks.

Today's tip:

Tip 2. Huevos Rancheros ll: Where is my egg shampoo?

Talk to yourself in Spanish while you're in front of the bathroom mirror or in the shower.

After my first year of university in Canada, I tried learning Spanish in Mexico City and lived in a pension just down the street from the Canadian Embassy a.k.a. my mail drop. One of the teachers suggested I might try taping labels in the bathroom to reinforce my tiny vocabulary while I talked to myself about brushing things. I taped labels in the bathroom and while I was on a roll, I taped notes to everything else in my quarters.

I was happy with this technique until I arrived home from class one afternoon and heard a lot of giggling in my room. I went in and found one of the housekeepers giving a guided tour of my labels to a few of her coworkers. This is a bed, and here is a chair and over there is a floor, yes a floor...giggle, giggle giggle...you get the picture. To this day I have mixed feelings about the labels but I still use the the talking-to- myself-aloud part.