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Monday, April 16

Tip 3. Everyday Spanish Every Day

4 Tips on Learning Spanish Every Day.

Often we would like to speak Spanish but there is nobody readily available to talk to. We can take opportunities to speak Spanish aloud to ourselves while doing our daily tasks.

Today's Tip:

Tip 3. Huevos Rancheros lll: Today I am going to make eggs.

Make your To Do list in Spanish.

As you write down items on your list, talk to yourself about each item. Use tenses and structures according to your current level of Spanish.

When you start planning your outing, you are looking to the future. Use phrases like I am going to buy apples...; I should try a new variety.

As you are doing a task, talk about that with the present and present continuing tenses: I am looking at apples; he is stealing grapes.

As you check off items, pull out your tenses that apply to past activities: While I was looking at apples, a guy was arrested for eating grapes.

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