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Saturday, April 21

Tip.1. Speak Spanish while Talking on the Telephone to Invisible People

Our last series of four tips on learning Spanish...
concentrated on finding opportunities to speak out loud to yourselves while doing various activities. Those activities do not require the input of another live human and are thus less stressful for you.

The next series of tips...
eases you into the wonderful world of trying out your Spanish on real people. However, to keep the stress level down you can start by talking to invisible people.

Tip 1. Use Local Spanish Resources.

Locally: larger cities have Spanish community centres. Call them on the phone and
ask about events, facilities, activities or classes.

You don't have to go to the events, facilities or classes, your goal is just talk to somebody over the phone in Spanish about something. You might prep a few questions so you don't stumble out of the gate and make them switch into English. People in these positions are delighted to talk to you.

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Anonymous said...

This would really take the stress off.