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Monday, April 23

Tip 2. Learning Spanish while Talking on the Telephone

Practicing Spanish on the Telephone.

The telephone is a great way to find opportunities to speak Spanish to real people in a controlled low-risk situation. This tip builds on Tip 1. Learning Spanish by Talking to Invisible People, in which we began learning to keep the stress level down by talking to people we can't see.

Tip 2. Accessing Local Spanish Media

In many communities there are local access shows on radio and cable tv. These media are very happy to receive your calls and answer your questions.

Where I live, Saskatoon, we have a Co-op radio station which runs a weekly one-hour show in Spanish, called Radio Luna. You can call them, dedicate a tune, get a birthday greeting
read over the radio. and ask them about activities in the community such as dances, Folk Festivals and Food Fairs. They are happy to talk to people in Spanish and appreciate Spanish Learners' efforts in learning their beautiful language.

Many communities also have small-circulation magazines and newsletters. When you check into these publications keep in mind that there are probably many Spanish-speakers from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, and each group in your community may publish newsletters that you can ask about and subscribe to.

Another group to call and practice on is local folk festivals, carnivals, food festivals and so on. Find out if there are Spanish-speaking organizations participating and give them a call to get the details. When you get even braver, ask about volunteer opportunities.

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