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Monday, June 25

Spanish Podcast For Improving Listening Skills

Spanish Podcast of the Dog Who Chased the Lion
...One of Aesop's Fables...

Podcasts can form an important part of your Spanish Learning. They are easily downloaded and carried on your mp3 or other player. You can practice anywhere. Download this little gem.
Muchas gracias to El Ochito Venezolano who recorded the podcast. It was published to the public domain and may be used in any way you choose.

How to Improve Your Listening Skills with this Podcast
  • Listen to the whole thing a few times.
  • Jot down some notes as you are listening. This will really make you ears sweat.
  • If possible, memorize the story. It isn't very long.
  • Peek at the transcription if you need to.

El perro que perseguía al león

Podcast in Spanish of The Dog who Chased The Lion

**If the embedded player is not visible or doesn't work: you can still listen to the podcast but it opens on a separate page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Spanish Transcription of Aesop's Fable

Un perro de caza se encontró con un león y partió en su persecución. Pero el león se volvió rugiendo, y el perro, todo atemorizado, retrocedió rápidamente por el mismo camino. Le vio una zorra y le dijo:

-- ¡ Perro infeliz ! ¡ Primero perseguías al león y ya ni siquiera soportas sus rugidos !

The moral of the story is:

Cuando entres a una empresa, mantente siempre listo a afrontar imprevistos que no te imaginabas.

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