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Sunday, June 17

Online Translation

Preparing Your Written Work for Translation

Writing in Spanish is probably the most difficult skill to perfect. However, some time you might want to send a message, memo, letter or longer document in Spanish.
If you are stuck and need to jump start your written Spanish you might try using online translation software. I use Babel Fish but there are others.

To get the best results in your Spanish document, you need to polish your English version a bit first.

  • Make sure you check your punctuation carefully.
  • Try not to use any slang.
  • Run your document through a spell-checker and watch your capital letters.
  • If you are going to use any abbreviations use common ones. If you're not sure the abbreviation is a standard one, write the word out.
  • Try to use simple grammatical constructions; use ordinary word order- don't get too poetic with a machine translator.
Using these simple techniques, you should end up with a useful, readable document.

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