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Saturday, May 5

Tip 4. Skype, Yahoo, Jaha and Lycos

Tip 4. Skype.

If 35 cents is too much to chat on the phone to a mayor's assistant, sign up for a service like SKYPE and talk to millions of people in Spanish for FREE if the other party also has the Skype service, or very inexpensively if you call a non-Skype phone.

Some of their services you, as a Spanish learner, might be interested in are:
Skypecasts, Skype Chat, and Skype Video Calling.

The skype article in wikipedia
will give you a good overview of the services before you head for the Skype Site itself.

Other competing services are low-cost by not free such as Jajah and Yahoo. A third competitor to Skype is Lycos which has free calling but you have to put up with their advertising.